Theater Act

Seanachaí Theatre Company was founded in 1995 to produce the World Premiere of Ann Noble Massey’s a romantic drama set in 1950’s Ireland, at the Body Politic.During the highly successful run of Wings, the acting ensemble that is now the core of Seanachaí was formed. Michael Grant, actor and business major from Notre Dame, was unanimously elected as Artistic Director. A line from Ms. Noble Massey’s play, “There’s nothing better than a good story,” became the Company slogan and the power of the Seanachaí became the Company’s foundation.

In May of 1996, Seanachaí’s American premiere production of Helen Edmundson’s  opened at the Theatre Building. The Clearingcemented Seanachaí’s reputation As a strong acting ensemble with beautiful and compelling stories to tell its growing audience.

After The Clearing,the Seanachaí ensemble agreed on three goals: The first was to become a not-for-profit organization; the second was to produce a comedy; and the third was to explore the world outside of Ireland. All three goals were accomplished. In 1997, Seanachaí was granted not-for-profit status by the Illinois Secretary of State, and, John Driver and Jeffrey Haddow’s lyrical and hysterical view of Russian theatre history, opened at the Chopin Theatre in December of that year. Chekhov in Yalta was also Seanachaí ‘s first production under an Actor’s Equity contract and as a member of the League of Chicago Theatres.